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To see if the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) is right for you, we’re giving you online access to real content from the CSCP Learning System for 30 days! This Free Learning System Preview includes 30-day access to CSCP Module 3, Section B, Chapter 3: Risk Response.

CSCP Free Learning System Preview

After completing this section, you will be able to:

  • Define the four basic risk responses of accept, avoid, transfer, and mitigate
  • Define a risk register, risk response plan, and risk response planning
  • Explain the difference between preventive actions and contingent or corrective actions
  • Describe how to generate and implement preventive action, prepare contingency plans, and share risks among supply chain partners

The CSCP Free Learning System Preview allows you to test-drive the experience available to APICS CSCP Learning System users. The APICS CSCP Learning System is a professional development and certification exam preparation tool that combines reading materials with interactive web-based study tools. This preview will allow you to test some of the interactive study tools! Please note: all of the tools and features will not be available in the free version.

Average Salary Increase

APICS Certified individuals earn up to 25% more than their uncertified peers on average, according to the 2019 ASCM Salary Survey.

Hiring Potential Increase

On average, APICS Certified individuals are 65% more hirable than their uncertified peers, according to the 2019 ASCM Salary Survey.

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Rosemary Cheung, CSCP
Global Key Accounts Supply Optimizing Manager for North East Asia Shell Hong Kong Limited

“I would definitely encourage others to take the APICS CSCP courses in order to develop and enhance their skills, to create and execute a global supply chain management strategy that meets customer needs, to reduce cost, and to increase profits. The knowledge is yours. Use it, share it.”